Growing Your Practice One Claim At a Time

As experienced dental professionals, our goal is to provide seamless insurance billing and billing system implementation for practices nationwide. We are enhancing the practice ownership experience to be simple, professional, and rewarding.

Our Services

Insurance Billing (Insurance Revenue Cycle Management) 

✓   Claim Submission

✓   Post Insurance Checks and EFTs

✓   Make Proper Adjustments 

✓   Immediate Response to Denials

✓   Resubmission When Necessary

✓   Insurance AR Management

✓   Provide Additional infor

✓   Submit Requested Pre-Auths


Patient Billing (Patient Revenue Cycle Management)*

✓   Send Accurate Statements 

✓   Follow Up Collection Calls

✓   Patient AR Management

✓   Improve Cash Flow

✓   Never Be The “Bad Guy” Again

✓   Pleasant and Efficient Calls 

✓   Lower AR, Collect Your Money

*Add on service


Insurance Verificiation Coaching

✓ Live training with Preferred certified insurance specialist
✓ Monthly video call to train staff on IV
✓ Teaches your team how to properly verfiy insurance
✓ Gain total knowledge on IV- where patient satisfaction starts
✓ Proper IV helps lower AR and keep patients happy

What Our Dentists Are Saying?

"In the course of one year Angela helped me raise my office production by $750,000 and helped lower my AR to less than 4% of over 60 days outstanding. I would recommend her to any Dentist I know!”

-Chad Whiting DDS,
Canyon Rim Dental 

“Angela has been kind throughout the whole process, and we are confident she will continue to take care of us”

– Lorena Moorehead DDS
American Dental Center 

“Angela has been so helpful from the day we met her and would recommend her program to anyone looking for a custom solution”

Horizon Dental Institue

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